So this is pretty much not the way to work with anyone.

I have taken photos of people performing, and you know what they do when they want to use the image? They ask me for it. Being on stage doesn’t somehow put you above asking.

I photographed Melanie Martinez back in February, and when she wanted to use a shot for her instagram, you know what she did? She asked me if I could email her the shots from that night, and when she posted it here, she made sure I was properly credited. It’s not hard, guys.

As someone who frequently photographs public events, this is disgusting and a gross infringement. It’s annoying when it happens on Tumblr, but absolutely unacceptable when a band treats a photographer this way. At least we can all rest assured that justice has been served. But also that their Wikipedia page has been completely trashed. 

I haven’t had a chance to post much lately. Lots of life developments have kept my photographic blogging in the back burner, but it was so gorgeous out that I decided to go out and about in the city today with Kathy. I’m glad it’s finally Spring because I had such a nice walk over by the East River, saw lots of puppies, had a delicious meal at Bareburger and ran into a random kid’s rain boot hanging from a bicycle. Fun day.