I was so lucky enough to meet (albeit briefly) JK Rowling. She had her one and only US appearance to promote her new book The Casual Vacancy here in NYC. We were all given a copy of the book with our ticket and had to queue based on our rows to get the book signed. After waiting 2.5 hours (I was seated in the nosebleeds!!), I finally got it signed. 

The Harry Potter books saved my life as a kid, guys. I went through some really tough times and so much of those books is about courage and love,

I thanked her for that and nearly lost it but kept it together and she was gracious and I’m sure everyone says it but it felt good to tell her.

I have to commend the folks at the Koch theater. It took nearly 2.5 hours but they kept the signing orderly AND everyone got a signed book. That’s nearly 2000 people. JK Rowling’s hand must be chattered.

So this  happened today. I was a jerk and forgot my camera’s SD card, but was able to get a few iPhone shots.