GPOYW with mi abuelita. My grandma is the cutest and sweetest woman you’ll ever meet. 

My grandmother’s face

I could look
at your face
all day.

It is filled with
curious lines
full of laughter
and sorrows
and mysteries
I’ll never unravel.

You have 
so much
in your 83 years.

Lost children,

have all weathered
the face
that is so precious
to me.
They are a constant 
reminder for you
of this hard life.

You joke
about some day
getting a facelift.

But I tell you
This is the face 
of love,
of life, 
and of joy, 
despite the tears.

I would be so lucky
to have a face
as lovely as yours. 

GPOYW risking your life for a photo

I decided to get on top of the bridge to take the photo on the bottom and then my dad decided to take a photo of me to prove just how crazy/dumb I am. There was barely anything to hold onto, the wind was fierce, on the other side of me was a highway and I was wearing Toms, not the steadiest shoes for bridge climbing. It felt like one gust of wind and I’d be splat on the pavement. Sometimes I get the feeling I’d be one of those photographers who gets herself into precarious situations in order to get a good shot. Like her.