iPhone 5 Cases available now on my Society 6 page

I decided to make myself my own case now that I finally got my iPhone 5 and thought why not let others make their own too! I just picked some of my favorite shots to use, but if anyone would like a case from one of my photos let me know and I’ll put it up on my shop! 

trthbn asked:

hi, i noticed the question you responded to to just recently about wanting to live in england, and i wondered what was it about england you like? i'd happily switch places with you! im really drawn to new york, the culture of the place looks so interesting to me...i always wonder if its just a case of the grass is greener on the other side?

Hi! Oh I am loving all these questions from all you Brits. Good to know so many of you are willing to trade places with me :D

Well, my dear, I think it’s only partly the mentality, “the grass is greener on the other side of the pond.” You know, you always think things will better somewhere else or that all the problems you have in place will magically disappear once you’ve reached an alternate place. 

However, for me, it’s more about my general fervor for the city and culture. I studied abroad in London for a summer back in 2007. I’ve visited again a few times since then and every time I do it feels like home. It’s everything really: the free museums, the food markets, the splendor and quaintness of the buildings, the jauntiness of its citizens, the ease and cleanliness of its transportation…I could go on! Even the ease of travel to other cities in the UK or even Europe. I have a general love of the entire British culture—it very closely mimics Chilean culture, where my family is from, but it is slightly more regal and proper and just lovely. There’s a romanticism about England that cannot be found here in NYC. New York is tough and gritty and harsh, just like its skyscrapers. London is orderly and darling and authentic, just like its buildings.

Perhaps I am idealizing it. After all, I’ve never had to work there and pay rent or any sort of bills. But I think eventually London, or perhaps some rural part of England would be lovely to settle down in.

The Tate Modern and its views

Today is the first day of classes for a new semester! While I’m excited (and slightly recovering from a cold, bleck), I’m really just longing to be in London again, in front of the Tate Modern about to go see a new exhibit with a fresh baked savory pie in my hands from Borough Market. Sigh. One day again.

All photos taken on my Pentax K1000 with Portra 400VC.