Pick any moment in our history — our history as a country founded by and invigorated by and re-invigorated by protests — and you will find men like George Wallace and Joe McCarthy and Jim Rhodes and Richard Daley. Go back further — to men like the owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company or the officials who sent the police to the Haymarket Square and the troops to the Pullman town or John Brown or George Grenville, the British politician who had a bright idea about the American colonies, an idea called the Stamp Act.

American freedom has not flourished in spite of these morons of history it has flourished because of them—because they overreacted, because they under-thought, overreached, under-understood. We owe them our traditions of protest. We owe them our freedoms. We owe them our very independence. None of them ever understood that, around these parts anyway, suppression always creates the opposite of the effect desired.

Keith Olbermann on the raid of Zuccotti Park

We handed it all to you on a plate, packaged and pristine. The blandly mass produced trinkets, the omnipresent corporate cafes, the unchallenging auto-tuned media that fills your screens and airwaves. We’ve anaesthetised you like Huxleyan Soma with all the aroma of neatness and control whilst the disorder of your anarchic nature has been pounding at your soul.

We can never be like you so we reduce you to simplicity but you have sparks of divinity. You are married to infinity. We make you fear your imperfections but in fact they are the diamond of your being and they will always offer you unimaginable variations. You have forgotten how to dream because we have removed it from your language. But there are things inside you that are mysterious and impossible to explain and if anything cannot be rationally explained then our machines will not compute. You are being watched, my friends. You are taxed livestock. You are numbers on our screens and you are seeking little other than the peaceful parade of pictures on screens, the tranquil melody of corporate lullaby.

This is an invitation. Put down your newspapers, turn off your TV’s because there is a war being waged for your minds and you’re starting to feel scared. You’re starting to forget just how free and powerful you really are. Deep inside you there is a roaring fire that is not cooled by comfort or tamed by fear; a fire that burns in all things.